Welcome to the Tiny Treasures Day Care & Education – Hob Moor Road

Tiny Treasures Day Care and Education  was established in September 2010. our March 2022 Ofsted graded is GOOD.

We have a friendly working atmosphere where we have worked closely with parents in order to provide a safe and caring environment for all children in our setting. We are open from 8:30 – 4:00pm, Monday to Friday. We cater for fifty children in two daily sessions ranging from the age of 5 months to 5 years old.


We operate a key person system, where your child will have their own key person who is responsible for your child’s developmental stages. We adopt a “home from home” like experience, that builds relationships with children and families, which is what we find helps each child settle into nursery quickly.
Regular parents evening’s are held to discuss your child’s progress and any concerns you may have. We find it’s an ideal opportunity for you to come into the nursery without being in the usual rush when you drop off and collect, and actually spend some time looking at what they have been busy getting up to.
Amongst our staff is a wealth of experience in early years care and education. All staff are either qualified or working towards their qualifications and attend regular courses to reinforce and keep up to date with any changes that may have been introduced.
The children are encouraged to take part in all different activities to enhance their overall development according to Early Years Foundation Stage.
We have close connections with the Local Community which include the Fire Service and the NHS, where we are able to provide Health and Safety awareness workshops to Parents/ Carers.

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Baby room is for 5 months – 2 years

Our Baby room is a nice comfy environment with its own cosy, sensory area. With various learning opportunities to help your bundle of joy to play and learn. We provide stimulating activities including natural everyday objects so children can get the real life experience with different textured resources. Children are provided with sensory, messy play activities to allow them to fully investigate and explore.
The staff promote language through verbal games, rhymes, songs and stories in addition to their usual verbal interaction during routine care activities
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Toddler’s Room-2 year old

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Our Toddler room is an nurturing environment that has a range of learning opportunities   to help your child progress in all areas of learning. We have an home corner in which toddlers can act out their home experiences. There is also a quiet area which allows children to sit down and look at story books and whine down.
This is a large open plan room with a sink area for them to wash their hands independently after getting messy, they also have a creative corner with a builder’s yard for children to explore and investigate.

Preschool is for 3-5 years

Our preschool provides challenging activities to further progress your child ready for school. We incorporate different cultural activities for the children to learn about. Children are encouraged to be independent during snack time and play time.
This is a large open plan room with a sink area for them to wash their hands independently after getting messy, they also have a creative corner with a builder’s yard for the boys.
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Outdoor play 

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Our Outdoor area is a spacious area which has its very own playhouse for children to create their own learning experiences. It also has a separate investigation area with real life objects such as sinks and worktops for children to use their imagination and explore. We also have a sand and construction area for children to widen their learning.

Our Nurseries

488-492 Green Lane Road
Birmingham B9 5QJ
Phone: 0121 772 8111

290 Hobmoor Road,
Birmingham B10 9HH
Phone: 0121 439 1716

The Chase, Coleshill Road,
Nuneaton CV10 0PH
Phone: 024 776 71414